Discovering Rikudo: Rules and Tips

Put the numbers from 1 to 36, 60 or 90 to create a path of consecutive numbers. Numbers and links between cells are given to help finish the game. Two following numbers must be next to each other. A link indicates a crossing point of the path. At the end, the entire grid must be full!

Rikudo grid size 36 Rikudo path direction Rikudo filled grid

Grid size and difficulty : Various grid sizes exist (36, 60 or 90). Larger grids can be more difficult. We offer 4 difficulty level : Easy, Medium, Hard and Evil

Rikudo grid size 36 Rikudo grid size 60 Rikudo grid size 90

Tip #1: You won't trap cells.! At the end the grid must be full. If a cell is encircled while filling the grid, it becomes trapped. Identify these situations and avoid them.

Rikudo trapped tile

Tip #2: You will anticipate your path. Two paths cannot cross each other. Search for possible crossing paths and choose other available paths.

Rikudo crossed paths

Tip #3: Think about uniqueness. The grid has a unique solution. Therefore if you can switch two numbers next to each other without disrupting the main path, it means that it is not the solution!

Rikudo unique solution

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